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The degree course in magic is part of a desire to convey the values of magic to enthusiasts wishing to practice the art for amateur or professional purposes.
Our goal is to train the magicians of tomorrow, who will carry on the tradition of magic in their own way, while using this exceptional art to create illusions and to play with the audiences imagination.
The training path leading to the degree in magic is a rewarding and recognized professional certification. It is designed to support learners according to their plans, their budget and their level, to ensure their acquisition of skills in the classroom and to allow them to develop their abilities in real word performing situations.

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Our missions are clearly 
  • To meet the needs of all those who wish to practice the profession of a magician in a professional manner.

  • To adapt to the individual project of each trainee, according to his level, his objectives, and his situations both professional and geographical.


But we also give ourselves for missions
  • To professionalize and officially recognize the profession of a magician.

  • To be a space for encounters and exchanges between professionals of magic art.

  • To ensure an educational watch.

  • To anticipate technological developments related to the profession of a magician.

  • To preserve the “magic memory”.



A partnership with the world’s oldest magic shop
  • We can provide a turnkey solution with all the magic equipment that each trainee may need to carry out his professional project, thanks to our partnership with the Mayette Magie shop.

A personalized journey
  • We conduct a validation of your learning (VAP) in order to personalize your path by directing you to the modules that you must follow to exercise the profession of a magician.

Training eligible for public financing
  • Training eligible for continuing vocational training, the CPF, and the transitional CPF.

  • In the case of the self-financing, the possibility of staggering of payments.


An expert, experienced and pedagogical team


  • Trainers who are all professional magician artists in the activity.

  • Highly qualified trainers and references in the field.

  • Teacher trainers and passionate about the transmission of their profession.

  • Complementary trainers: their different skills allow them to sweep all the disciplines of magic art thanks to their respective specialties (close-up, staging, stage magic, mentalism, ropes, cards magic, plays, magic for children...).




Equipe pédagogique Double Fond
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DIPLOMA OF MAGICIAN (Two years university degree)
Titre RNCP de Magicien niveau 5 européen : DIPLÔME DE MAGICIEN BAC+2 (Two years university degree)

Following steps undertaken by Le Double Fond, the Ministry of Labor in France has recognized the validity of a two years university level bachelors degree in magic, which will be entitled to public funding, in the same way as other artistic professions, such as dance, circus, music or cinema ...

The creation of a degree in Magic is a response to an ambition and a willingness to finally have this profession recognized by official institutions and, thereby, enhancing the image of the entertainment sector and contributing to the professionalization and the recognition of these professions in all their diversity and complementarity.

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1) Price is important. How do you justify it?

The price is important because the number of hours is important. 550h seemed to be the minimum and we applied an average hourly rate for this type of artistic training.

2) Why did the state grant this certification to a company (Le Double Fond) and not to the FFAP (Fédération Française des Artistes Prestidigitateur)?

Any training organization may submit a file to obtain an NCPR designation. This is an autonomous registration procedure with France Compétence. The idea is to present a file that is examined first by an inspector and then by a commission of about 40 people.

3) Some magicians today have the necessary skills to have this certification and would, therefore, like to be able to have this certification without having to pay for the training (the system of the baccalaureate works the same way with free candidates). Is that even possible? 

This scenario is of course foreseen: it is the VAP (Validation of Professionnal Experience).

4) Is this certification not a handicap for magicians who are today professionals compared to their colleagues who have obtained it?

He cannot be handicapped to see his art rise towards more institutional recognition and obtain more legitimacy. This degree is a step towards recognizing magic in the same way as other artistic disciplines, such as dance, cinema, or music. It was a necessary result that France, the homeland of Robert Houdin, the father of modern magic, was the first country to finally propose a diploma of the magician, which implies a recognition of this profession. We have opened the door. We hope this will encourage other initiatives!

5) In the fast track, we can pass this training and certification in 3 months. Is it enough to learn magic?

A 550h teaching is planned to enable every learner to acquire the minimum skills to work as a magician. However, to be ready to take the final examination, a personal work of 2500 to 3000 hours is considered necessary (as in most degree courses, type Bac + 2, Level 5). It should be noted that the recommended pace for this 550h is 18 months. When a learner chooses an accelerated pace of 3 months, it is only because he already had a certain level of magic.

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